We train medical professionals on how to provide adequate medical care and counseling to sexual assault survivors in India.

UMA for Survivors is a Chicago-based non-profit aimed at fighting sexual assault stigma in India. Our specific area of focus is post-trauma care and counseling. Due to the stigma that surrounds sexual assault and the lack of standard protocol in India, medical professionals often provide erroneous care or doubly traumatize survivors who come to them for treatment. UMA plans to address this by training medical professionals on internationally created best practices and counseling methods. We also plan to hire advocates to be stationed in hospitals to provide cost-free, ongoing counseling to sexual assault survivors, particularly in vulnerable, marginalized, rural, and low-income areas where access to counseling is limited or non-existent.

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Our Chicago-based team consists of extremely passionate women dedicated to fighting sexual assault stigma.

UMA has really been an evolving process. It was inspired by the aftermath of the notorious Delhi gang rape case in 2012. I couldn’t stop thinking about the incident, and my nebulous desire to help slowly developed into a focused organization. For me, UMA stands as an impenetrable message against quietly accepting the injustice around us.
— Nikita Kulkarni, Founder and Executive Director of UMA for Survivors

We partner with medical colleges, hospitals, and other organizations to host workshops on fighting sexual assault stigma in providing medical care.

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