We are partnering with universities to implement workshops that train future medical professionals on how to deliver high quality care to survivors. Please let us know if your medical college, hospital, or organization is interested in hosting a workshop.

Sample Workshop

MIMER Medical College


Mimer Medical College
Pune, Maharashtra, India


December 4, 2017

key team members

Saudamini Oke (Field Director)

Dr. Aneesh Bhat (presenter)

Dr. Vaishali Korde (presenter)

Dr. Yamini Abde (presenter)

Students at MIMER Medical College listen to Dr. Korde's presentation on sexual assault stigma.

Students at MIMER Medical College listen to Dr. Korde's presentation on sexual assault stigma.

Certificate students received for attendance.

Certificate students received for attendance.

We partnered with Mimer Medical College to host our first ever workshop! This workshop was aimed at training future doctors and nurses on how to treat and counsel sexual assault survivors. It had a comprehensive facilitation between medical students, doctors, and activist experts in the field of sexual assault and included:
- Inclusive, United Nations-sanctioned definitions and underlying causes of sexual assault
- Common myths and misconceptions
- Current process of post-trauma care (or lack thereof) for survivors
- Best practices, such as legal procedure, correct rape kit and toxicology procedure, non-discrimination policies, etc. that medical professionals should implement while treating survivors

The presenters were Saudamini Oke, Dr. Aneesh Bhat, Dr. Vaishali Korde, and Dr. Yamini Abde.

Saudamini Oke is the Field Director for UMA for Survivors and presented on the currently stigma in the medical field in India that prevents survivors from getting adequate care and counseling.

Dr. Bhat is an MBBS and MD Psychiatrist who works directly with afflicted patients across a range of mental health problems. He is a graduate from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India. He has over a decade of experience as Assistant Professor at MIMER Medical College, and as a Consultant Psychiatrist both in India and the GCC. His presentation at UMA events speaks on trauma alleviation and survivor mental health evaluation.

Dr. Vaishali Korde is an OB/GYN and one of the top most authorities on rape kit procedures in the Pune area. She's an OB/GYN at the Aditya Birla Hospital and a professor at Mimer Medical College. Her publications include the articles on the prevalence of sexual assault in India and she is an Active Medical Partner of Sehat. Her presentation at UMA workshops is on the effects of trauma and stigma on survivors.

Dr. Yamini Abde is a pediatrician and renowned child rights activist, specializing in child sexual assault. She received her medical degree from Gandhi Medical College. She currently works as a Medial Officer at the Indian Ministry of Defense advocating for the rights of child sexual assault survivors. She is a member of the International Health Task Force for South Asia, a Trustee of the Mauli Seva Pratishthan, is a Member of the Advisory Board of HRPSM and is the External Affairs Chair for AICBEF. Her presentation at UMA workshops is on child sexual abuse and the lasting effect on trauma.