Nikita Kulkarni

FOUNDEr and executive director

A devoted advocate for women's rights from a young age, Nikita currently studies law at Northwestern University. She was a Title IX Student Defender and held various other legal internships during her time at Michigan State University. After graduating with a Bachelor's in International Relations, she currently works and lives in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to UMA, she volunteers for the Chicago Alliance against Sexual Exploitation and Rape Victims Advocate.


Sumana Palle

program Director

Having founded a social impact organization for women of color at the University of Michigan, Sumana has a passion for women's rights. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and International Studies, she currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. 


Chelsea Nacker

Financial strategy director

Chelsea received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and is a CFA® charterholder. She currently lives and works in Chicago, IL, where she is active in initiatives related to her passions for education and women’s rights. In addition to Uma for Survivors, Chelsea volunteers at Tutoring Chicago in the Literacy Intensive Tutoring (LIT) program, which provides targeted reading and writing tutoring to economically disadvantaged children.